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Wednesday, January 25th

World of Warcrack

So I've decided to cultivate a World of Warcraft addiction, and so far it's going quite well.

I started playing at my brother's house between Christmas 2005 and new year, then took it up again a few weeks later when I went down to babysit my niece Catherine.

My main character is Hoofu, a tauren shaman on the European "Argent Dawn" roleplaying server. She is now up to level 27, and has joined The Voodoo, the guild that my friend Gordon is in with his character Thicko, a level 60 tauren warrior.

Now that I am back at work and no longer have broadband access I will have to rein in my playing time, but I still intend to play on dial-up, which is surprisingly playable. One of these days I'll get my own broadband, when I am at home a little more regularly.
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Posted by philip on 2006-01-25 @ 02:59 PM BST

Friday, September 9th

Web Comics

These lighten up my work days:

Order of the Stick

Penny Arcade



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Tuesday, May 10th

Another holiday in France

I went to France again with Zhao and the girls, this time Simon and Zhao's parents came as well! Weather was OK, but is better this week.
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Posted by philip on 2005-05-10 @ 06:50 PM BST

Monday, April 4th

Jiao-Jiao's Christening

Genevieve Jiao-Jiao Hibbs was christened yesterday, I am her godfather, and my Auntie Audrey is godmother.
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Posted by philip on 2005-04-04 @ 02:17 PM BST

Tuesday, February 1st

Stop spamming my weblog!

Someone finally posts a reply to my blog, and it's a spammer! They posted the same 10 replies to every story linked from the front page, all gibberish about an online poker web site.

As a result I am closing all entries except this one. Comments posted will be moved to the appropriate entry.
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Posted by philip on 2005-02-01 @ 06:26 PM BST

Thursday, December 9th

I'm a nuncle again

Genevieve Jiaojiao Hibbs was born at Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup at 22:53 on Wednesday, December 8th 2004.

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Tuesday, November 23rd

It's us!

I just got around to reading Watchmen this year, and what do you know, they start making a movie! Cool. I just hope it isn't as much of a travesty as the LXG movie was.

Update: And V for Vendetta, too!
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Posted by philip on 2004-11-23 @ 05:25 PM BST

Tuesday, September 7th


The Wikipedia is awesome. It's an online encyclopeda that anyone can contribute to. I have contributed to about 300 articles, some of which are minor typos or grammar corrections, some of which is reverting vandalism, but most are significant contributions to the article text, or images added to articles.

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Posted by philip on 2004-09-07 @ 02:11 PM BST

Monday, July 19th

So close...

Well, The Princess Bride remains my favourite movie. SSS aims well, has a good shot, but doesn't quite hit the mark.

Just remember never to ask "why?" at any point during the film, and you'll enjoy it.

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Friday, July 16th

Six-String Samurai Arrives

Today my Six-String Samurai (imdb) DVD arrived! I watched the first half-hour in the Channel Tunnel on the way back from Tentacles, and it's just totally awesome. I can't wait to watch the rest of it.

This could well replace The Princess Bride as my all-time favourite movie.

Posted by philip on 2004-07-16 @ 04:29 PM BST [link]

Wednesday, June 2nd

Tentacles 2004

I just got back from Bacharach, where I attended Tentacles Monstrous, the latest German roleplaying convention dedicated to Glorantha, Call of Cthulhu, and games based on Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion (Stormbringer, Hawkmoon, Corum, etc.)

This is me playing Trollball. More pictures.

I will be posting pictures as soon as I design a layout for them, and some CSS that works.

Expect this blog entry to be updated.

Posted by philip on 2004-06-02 @ 12:49 PM BST [link]

Wednesday, May 26th

Got Populous II working

Finally, I have managed to get Populous II working on my new laptop!
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Posted by philip on 2004-05-26 @ 11:45 AM BST

Wednesday, May 19th

GTA Vice City

This game is awesome.

Unfortunately, it won't run properly on my new Rock Xtreme laptop - it crashes after the "Rub Out" mission where you take out the cocaine baron, and it won't even load a game save that is after this point.

Best scores:
Trial By Dirt: 1 minute 59 seconds
PCG Playground: 59 seconds

Update: I'm now playing GTA-III instead. Almost as good - better map, but no motorbikes.
I really want to know whose those cowboys are that keep shooting at me.

Posted by philip on 2004-05-19 @ 02:17 PM BST [link]

Friday, March 26th

Holiday in France

Last week I went to France with Zhao and Catherine Niuniu, and we stayed with mum and dad at mum's barn in the Charente Maritime. The weather was fantastic, nearly reaching 30°C, while England enjoyed storms, rain, and cold.

We went on a day trip to Royan, shopped around for baby clothes, and moved some big stones around the garden.

I flew back on Sunday 21st, Zhao and Catherine Niuniu came back with mum and dad on the ferry.

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